How to Get Google AdSense Approval Just in 12 Hours. Best Tips and Tricks 2023

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I know you are here because your blog or website has been rejected by AdSense. In this post, I will share my own case study for getting Google AdSense Approval. I will share How to Get Google AdSense approval Just in 12 Hours and the Best Tips and Tricks for you that I used.

Every blogger dreams to get AdSense approval on his blog quickly and start making money. I am sure that you are here to fulfill this dream too. You will get it soon with these Google AdSense approval tricks that I used.

This is my personal blog and I will share how did I get Adsense approval on this blog just in 12 hours.

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I got approved for my blog from Google AdSense within 12 hours. How did I succeed to Get Google AdSense Approval in 12 Hours? Let’s find out,

Basic Requirements to Get Google AdSense Approval.

First, you have to complete these basic requirements to get Google AdSense Approval. I am sure that you have completed all these. If you have you can skip this step.

  • Your age should be 18 or above.
  • Active Gmail Account.
  • Definitely a Blog or a Website.
  • Unique, High Quality, and Plagiarism Free Content on it.
  • Your Blogs or Websites shouldn’t be against Google Adsense Policies.

Let’s move on,

Get Google AdSense Approval Just in 12 Hours. Best Tips and Tricks.

I posted just 8 articles and got Google AdSense approval within 12 hours. How? I follow these simple Tips and Tricks to create and design my blog, post articles and submit them in the google search console.

Here, I am revealing Google AdSense Approval Tips and Tricks, these simple and best tips and tricks will help you to get Google AdSense approval just in a few hours.

1-Fast Hosting For Blog Speed.

The fast and best web hosting is number one in Google AdSense Approval Tips and Tricks. I choose the best, fast, and most reliable web hosting (Hostinger) for my blog. I knew fast web hosting is the backbone of a blog or website. So I decided to choose the best one.

Fast and reliable web hosting helps you to boost the speed of your blog. Blog speed is important to get users to engage and improve user experience.

Tips and Tricks: I use Hostinger web hosting to host my blogs and websites.

2-Use Custom Domain.

If you will choose a custom domain for your blog or website, it would be better. The domain should be easy-to-remember and unique, so people can easily remember it and be interested to come back. Use your niche in your domain name, it will help you to get ranked in your niche quickly.

Tips and Tricks: .com domain is the best to get approval, I normally select the .com domain when I start a blog. This is My ultimate Tip and Tricks to Get Google AdSense Approval Just in 12 Hours.

3-Domain Age (6 Months or Older).

Many new bloggers make this mistake. After getting a domain they instantly post AI-generated 15 to 20 articles and submit Adsense to get approval. Don’t do this, It will destroy the chances of getting approval. Wait for at least 2 to 3 months after getting a domain.

Tips and Tricks: I normally wait 5 to 6 months.

4-Design Attractively. (For Desktop and Mobile).

Blog or Website design matters a lot, The design and layout of your blog convert a visitor into a reader. Try to make your blog attractive and professional by using the best and most responsive theme.

Make the design easy to understand, simple, and clean for your readers. It helps them to easily navigate and find what they are looking for. The simple and clean design will help you to get a higher rank in Google searches and get Adsense approval.

Tips and Tricks: I use the GeneratePress theme, It is the best, light, and most responsive theme for a blog. It also helps to speed up your blog.

5-Make Compulsory Pages.

These pages are mandatory to get Google Adsense approval.

  • About Us.
  • Contact Us.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Terms and Conditions.
  • Disclaimer.

Tips and Tricks: I never miss this step when creating a blog.

5-Narrow Down Your Niche.

Narrow down your selected niche as much as you can. very specific niche is always better for your blog. Niche blogs get more attraction from readers than macro niche blogs.

6-Unique and Informative Articles.

Content is the main and very important factor If you want to get Adsense approval fast on your blog. Don’t use AI-generated articles, copy-paste habits, and plagiarized content to create your posts. I post articles after a deep research on the internet and reading different blog posts.

Give value to your readers by providing them with updated, high-quality, and informative content. You will give value you will get value.

Tips and Tricks: Don’t use AI tools to create content, write your own.

7-Spend Time on Keywords Research.

here, I give more time to get the right and rankable keywords for my blog posts. Without proper keyword research, you can’t find high-ranking keywords for your blog post titles.

Finding the right keywords helps you to rank higher in google searches in the same niche. This trick will help you to get more traffic to your blog and increase engagement time. All these can help you to get Adsense approval easily in a few hours.

Tips and Tricks: I use the following best keyword research tools,

  • Ubeersuggest, KeywordsCloud,
  • Google Trend,
  • Answer the Public,

and some other means to find the right and rankable keywords for my posts.

8-Google Search Intent.

I didn’t only focus on the keyword research, I also check the Google search intent. Search intent was the most helpful factor in getting an idea about what people were searching for.

This trick helps you to find your competitor, his content, and the reasons why they are top of Google. I use this trick to identify my competitor and track his weakness. This trick will help to create more informative and high-quality content for my reader.

Tips and Tricks: Before creating the post, I regularly check the google search intent.

9-Do Not Use AI to Post Articles Directly.

Newbies use AI-generated articles To get approval on a blog. They generate articles and post them directly on their blogs. This is a very common mistake, please don’t do this.

Use AI as your writing assistant to create a complete post. Post these articles after editing and proofreading, don’t copy and paste.

I usually wrote articles by myself after deep research on the topic. I will recommend the same to you and Believe me, it works 100% for me. With this research, I succeeded to create unique and informative articles for my readers.

Tips and Tricks: Don’t use AI tools to create content, write your own.

11-Secure Your Blog with SSL.

A blogger likes SSL and a hacker doesn’t like your blog or website with SSL. Many web hosting provides Free SSL to their clients. Choose the best web hosting and keep in mind that there is a free SSL certificate available for your domain.

Tips and Tricks: Get Hostinger web hosting with free SSL included.

12-Add Your Blog and Sitemap in Google Search Console.

This is very important to add your website and its sitemap to the Google search console. Create a sitemap of your blog and submit it to the google search console. This will help you index all your content like Articles, Images, categories, and pages in google search.

13-Do Not Use Other Ad Networks.

When you are going to submit your blog to Adsense to get approval. Keep in mind there is no ads on your blog or other ad networks.

Tips and Tricks: Using other Ad networks can make it difficult to get Google AdSense approval.

14-Follow the AdSense Policies.

Your blog or website should follow AdSense policies. Make sure before applying for AdSense, You have read all the policies and made your blog or website accordingly.

Tips and Tricks: Never take it easy, it can cost you a lot. Read all the policies to make it easy to get approval.

Conclusion. (Google AdSense Approval Tips and Tricks).

After reading and understanding all the AdSense policies, make your blog responsive and speedy for your visitors. Design should be attractive and responsive for both desktop and mobile. Create all the important pages and navigate them properly on the header menu or footer menu. Post quality content and never try copy-paste to post articles on your blog.

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