Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in Pakistan. 2023

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Like to Improve Your Blog’s SEO.

Are you looking to improve your blog’s SEO and searching for the “Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in Pakistan” and couldn’t decide yet which one is good? I am sure after reading this post, you will get a conclusion to choose the best one for you.

Every blogger (Beginner and Experienced) desperately wants to improve the SEO of their blog to rank higher in search engines. I was looking for the same when I created this blog.

So I decided to write a complete guide about “Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in Pakistan”. You don’t need to go to every single keyword research tool’s website to get a review of their plans, prices, and features. I gathered complete detail about all the best keyword research tools for SEO in this post for you.

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Every blogger’s dream is to improve the SEO of his blog to the next level and increase blog traffic to millions. I know you also want to achieve this goal. So Let’s start,

Right Keyword Research Tools Can Help.

Right keyword research tools can help you to improve the SEO of your blog and get millions of traffic on your blog. You just need to choose the best keyword research tool to get this goal.

Choosing the best keyword research tool is not as difficult as you think, Let me show you HOW?

Why We Need Keyword Research Tools For SEO?

First, we have to understand why we need keyword research tools for our blog SEO. With the help of the best keyword research tools, we can get the following benefits,

  • It saves your time from manual research.
  • You can find good-quality keywords to write about with their help.
  • You get complete data on keywords like search volume, Search difficulty, and CPC.
  • It helps to Find your competitors.
  • Keyword research tools give you thousands of content ideas to write about in one click.

Basic Essentials of Best SEO Keyword Research Tools.

What is the key point to selecting the best keyword research tools for you? Many effective and best tools are available in the market and offer different features to its customers all around the world. How do we select the best one among them?

I mentioned some basic and important essentials of the best keyword research tools for SEO, must read them before selecting one,

  • A tool that gives you Google Search intent.
  • The tool will provide Content detail, relevancy, freshness, and authority.
  • The Best keyword research tool will show you the Backlinks with number and quality.
  • Show you the Domain Authority (DA) of your competitor’s blogs
  • SERP features.
  • The Best affordable Price according to its features.

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Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO in Pakistan.

I have listed the 15 best keyword research tools for SEO for you that many successful bloggers and experts are using right now in Pakistan.

  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • Answer the public
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • MOZ Keyword Explorer
  • AlsoAsked
  • Surferseo
  • KW Finder
  • SpyFu
  • LongTail Pro
  • WordTracker
  • Keyword Tool
  • Serpstat

1-Ahrefs.(My Recommendation)

Ahrefs-No-1 Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs offering 24/7 web crawling services since 2010 to its clients. There is no doubt in it that Ahrefs is the best keyword research tool in the world. I personally like and recommend Ahrefs to my readers because it is the second-highest website crawler of Google.

Ahrefs offers many features, to its clients like keyword research, analysis of competitors, backlink analysis, and more. It is essential for a blogger or professional SEO experts.


  • Ahref’s Keyword Explorer has 7 billion keyword ideas for you.
  • Its explorer gives you data from 171 countries around the world.
  • With clickstream, data processing gives you Keywords ideas for different Search Engines except for Google, like Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc
  • Show you the keyword difficulty score.
  • Gives you accurate and up-to-date data with clickstream data processing.
  • You can take a quick look at the SEO metrics and ranking history of the highest-ranking pages. It allows access to the SERPs and understanding why these pages rank as they do.


  • It offers only 7-Day FREE Trial and after that, you have to purchase its Premium Plan to use it.
  • Very expensive for beginners.

Plans and Prices.

Ahrefs offers different paid plans for its clients, Its basic plan Lite starts from $99, Standard from $199, Advance from $399, and Enterprise from $999. All these four plans are for small businesses, For freelancers and marketing Consultants, For Marketing teams, and last one for Agencies and enterprises.

Plans & Pricing - Ahrefs-The Best Keyword Research Tool
Plans & Pricing – Ahrefs-The Best Keyword Research Tool

2-SEMRush.(My Recommendation)

SEMRush-The Best Keyword Research Tool in the World

This is another best keyword research tools for the SEO of your blog. Why SEMrush is the best because all these companies trust it, Samsung, IBM, Walmart, Forbes, P&G, Tesla, and Decathlon. SEMrush is the winner of the keyword research tools award five times in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

SEMrush has 20 billion keyword research ideas and 14 million single keyword research ideas. Can you imagine how big is this tool for your blog’s SEO?

SEMrush is a comprehensive tool kit for keyword research and improving your blog’s SEO. It provides all you need like keyword ideas, search volume, keyword difficulty, word count, search intent, CPC, etc.

Whether you are looking for basic SEO data of yourself and your competitors or want to analyze your domain with your competitor’s domain, SEMrush gives you the best results.

If you don’t have SEO knowledge and want to learn for free, SEMrush offers a free online course to provide complete SEO training for you.

Do you have any option not to choose this keyword research tool? I don’t think so.


  • SEMrush is the most reliable tool in the market.
  • It offers a FREE online course to learn SEO.
  • A wide range of 20 billion keyword ideas for you.
  • 14 million single-keyword ideas.
  • Extra keyword tools like Keyword Overview, Keyword Manager, and Keyword Gap.
  • 7-Days FREE trial available.


  • It offers only 7-Day FREE Trial and after that, you have to purchase its Premium Plan to use it.
  • Very expensive for beginners.

Plans and Prices.

SEMrush’s basic plan is a pro plan that starts from $119 per month and is for newbies and small teams. For agencies and mid-size businesses, the plan starts from $229 per month, and for large agencies business plan starts from $449 per month.

Plans & Pricing-Semrush-The Best Keyword Research Tool
Plans & Pricing-Semrush-The Best Keyword Research Tool

3-Ubersuggest.(My Recommendation)

Ubersuggest-Free Keyword Research Tool-Neil Patel

I love this keyword research tool and am personally a paid member of this tool. It helps me a lot to search for the right keywords for my posts. Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is the best Free and Paid Keyword research tool in 2023.

Ubersuggest helps you to target the right keyword and shows you how competitive a keyword is for you by showing search intent. It shows all the important data of your searched keyword like content related to your keyword, estimated monthly visits, backlinks, and the number of shares on Facebook and Pinterest.

It is very simple and easy to use. You just need to put the keyword or domain name in the search bar and click on the search button it will show you all the related data such as search volume, keyword suggestions, CPC, and keyword difficulty.


  • Simple and Easy to Use.
  • Free and Paid Both Versions are available.
  • Allow to import data of organic traffic from Google Search Console and make PDF Files.
  • Chrome Extention is available.
  • Only Keyword research tools offer a lifetime plan to their clients.
  • Offer 3 keyword research daily for FREE.


  • Advanced features are not available in Free Plan

Plans and Prices.

Ubersuggest offers the following plans to its customers,

Ubersuggest-Plans and Prices
Ubersuggest-Plans and Prices

4-Google Ads Keyword Planner.

It is an ideal Keyword research tool for beginners. Keyword Planner is completely free and all the data directly comes from Google. The major benefit is All the results completely match AdSense monetization which helps you to get monetized from Adsense.

Google Keyword Planner gives you metrics like search volume, categories, related suggestions, and average costs. All these features make Google keyword Planner the best and most reliable keyword research tool for all.


  • Completely Free.
  • Results help to get monetization from Google Adsense.


  • No Cons found.

Plans and Prices.

  • Completely Free.

5-Answer The Public.

AnswerThePublic-Question Explorer

If you are looking for what questions people are asking. This tool is the perfect choice for you. Answer the Public gives you complete detail about what people are searching for by providing questions on the topic you are searching for and what is in trend.

If you want to create your blog post’s title with questions, no other tool will give you better detail and idea than Answer the Public. I personally use this tool when I want to create a question title for my blog posts.

People ask questions on Google and Answer the Public, which gives you tons of question ideas to write about, so what is better than this tool to search long tail keywords?


  • The 7-Days Free Trial is Available in All Plans.
  • It is the Biggest Goldmine of Unused Keyword ideas.
  • You can Get Tons of Questions and Ideas People Are Searching For.
  • Unlimited Daily Searches are Available in Pro Plan.
  • Alert Notification and Monitoring facility Available for New Suggestions.


  • Free Plan has Limited.
  • Advanced Features are Available only in Pro Plan.

Plans and Prices.

Answer the Public offers three plans to its customers all around the world. The basic plan for individuals starts from $9, the Pro plan starts from $99, and the expert plan starts from $199 per month. All plan has a 7-day free trial.

AnswerThePublic-Plans and Prices
AnswerThePublic-Plans and Prices

6-MOZ Keyword Explorer.

MOZ Keyword Explorer - SEO Keyword Research Tool

MOZ Keyword Explorer is the best SEO Keyword Research Tool for bloggers. MOZ has 500 million keyword suggestions with 100 million fresh ranking keywords. This tool provides you with 95% accuracy of search volumes, Long tail keyword suggestions, Keyword difficulty score, SERP analysis, and competitive analysis.

This tool has all you need to improve your SEO as a beginner such as easy-to-use, unique recommendations, and high-quality targeting features. MOZ keyword explorer has a unique chrome extension with the name of MOZbar, that provided you with real-time SEO metrics of any searched keywords. It helps you to save time for keyword searches.

Other useful SEO tools are also available like domain analysis, Link Explorer, and Competitive Research.


  • 10 Free Searches are Available per Month.
  • One Month Free Trial of Pro Plan Available.
  • Can Cancel the Free Trial Anytime.
  • 500 Million Keyword Suggestions.
  • 100 Million Ranking Keywords (Fresh Keywords).
  • 95% Search Volume Accuracy
  • Longtail Keyword Suggestions.
  • Keyword Difficulty Score and SERP analysis.


  • Advanced Features are Available only for Paid.

Plans and Pricing.

MOZ Pro-Plan and Pricing
MOZ Pro-Plan and Pricing


Another powerful and effective tool for your blog’s SEO. it is a freemium SEO tool that offers 3 searches daily for FREE. AlsoAsked is an ideal choice for newbies to improve their expertise in SEO. By using this tool, you can get tons of questions and ideas about your niche. These questions and ideas will help you create more content for your blog.


  • Offer 3 Searches daily for FREE.
  • Unlimited Users can access it in Every Plan.
  • CSV Data Export Option.


  • Advanced Features are in Paid Plan.
  • Limited Searches up to 1000 Maximum in a month.

Plans and Pricing.

AlsoAsked offer Basic, Lite, and Pro plans to its users,

  • The Basic Plan: Starts from $15 and is for beginners.
  • Lite Plan: Starts from $29 (medium size businesses).
  • Pro Plan: Start from $59 (For large-size businesses and agencies).
AlsoAsked-Plan and Pricing
AlsoAsked-Plan and Pricing

8-KW Finder By Mangools.

Mangools offer this useful tool for its valuable customers. It offers many different features like Search Volume, Key Difficulty, Ranking Number, and Monthly visits. KWFinder is one of the best tools for a long-tail keyword with low SEO difficulty. If you are looking for long-tail keywords and trying to rank them higher in search engines you should go with KWFinder. With 2.5 billion keywords and 100 million competitors’ keywords, KWFinder offers 52 thousand local locations to its users.


  • 10-Days Free trial available.
  • Long-tail keywords with Low SEO difficulty.
  • Local keyword research and SERP analysis.


  • Paid Tool.

Plans and Pricing.

KWFinder is a paid tool and offers a 10-day free trial in every plan to its users. You can check the below images for its plan and prices or visit the official website.

  • Mangools Basic: Starts from $29 per month for Beginners
  • Mangools Premium: Starts from $44 per month for small-size businesses.
  • Mangools Agency: Starts from $89 per month for large-size agencies.
KWFinder-Plans and Pricing
KWFinder-Plans and Pricing

9-LongTail Pro.

LongTailPro is another best keyword research tool for Pakistani bloggers who want to improve their SEO expertise. This tool is specially designed for Marketing Professionals, SEO Consultants, Affiliate Marketers, and Agencies to find the lowly competitive set of keywords quickly.

With keyword research, many other useful SEO tools are also available like site audits and rank checkers. The site audit feature helps you to find and fix common SEO issues on your site and with the rank checker, you track your site’s ranked keywords.


  • A free trial is available for all plans.
  • The best SEO tool for Marketing Professionals, SEO Consultants, Affiliate Marketers, and Agencies.
  • Site audit available for broken links and content.
  • Rank Checker, Site Audit, and SEO training and support is also available.


  • Paid Tool.
  • An expensive tool for beginners.

Plans and Pricing.

As always this tool also provides three types of plans and their prices to its users,

  • Starter: The basic plan is the starter and starts from $37 for beginners.
  • Pro: Pro plan starts from $67 and is for businesses.
  • Agency: This plan starts from $147 and is for large-size agencies.
LongTail Pro-Plans and Prices
LongTail Pro-Plans and Prices

10-Keyword Surfer.

Keyword Surfer is a complete SEO toolkit for you to improve your SEO. Its AI article generator allows you to create outlines for your article and if you buy its paid plan it also allows you to access the content editor to see the suggestion for how many headings, paragraphs, and images to include in your article.

With the keyword surfer chrome extension, you can run searches using google and it shows you search volume, keyword suggestions, CPC, and SEO metrics.


  • AI Article generator is available.
  • Chrome extension for Content and Keyword is available.
  • Offer different languages except for English and Spanish.
  • Offer SEO training in Surfer Academy.


  • Paid Tool.
  • Expensive for Beginners.

Plans and Pricing.

Keyword Surfer offers 4 different plans to its users, no one else provides four plans but keyword surfer does.

  • Basic Plan: This plan starts from $59 and is for small businesses and bloggers.
  • Pro Plan: Pro plan starts from $119 and is for medium size organizations.
  • Business Plan: This plan starts from $239 and is for those organizations that are managing more than 10 websites.
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts with custom prices
Keyword Surfer-Plans and Pricing
Keyword Surfer-Plans and Pricing

11-KeywordsCloud.(Best Free Keyword Research Tool).

KeywordCloud is new to this list and was built by a Pakistani blogger (Ismail blogger). Although it’s new but very effective for bloggers and SEO experts. This amazing tool gives you search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, SERP analysis, and much more for your SEO.

KeywordCloud is completely FREE and offers daily 10 searches for FREE. They are in the development phase and soon they will offer a backlink checker, backlink audit, link-building tool, broken link checker, and many more useful tools for SEO improvement.


  • Completely FREE tool.
  • Offer 10 searches daily for FREE.
  • Complete SEO Data like Search volume, CPC, Keyword difficulty, and suggestion are available.
  • Ultra Longtail keyword is the uniqueness of this tool.
  • Many SEO tools Backlink checkers, Backlink audit, Link building tools, and Broken link checker will available soon.


  • They are in the development phase.

Plans and Pricing.

KeywordCloud is completely FREE to all. This is the only FREE tool that is providing all the data as a paid tool provides such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. Highly recommended.


I personally used many paid and free tools that I talked about. I found Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and KeywordCloud the best keyword research tool for beginners and also for experts.

If you are a newbie then I will highly recommend you use Ubersuggest and KeywordCloud. keywordClound is completely free and fulfill all your need and Ubersuggest is very cheap in the list. If you are an expert in SEO and want more then you should go with Ahrefs and SEMrush, they are the best in the market.

I am sure that you have found the best keyword research tool for your blog SEO. If you found this post helpful and informative for you, share and give your feedback.

Good Luck!

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