30 Best Ways to EXPLODE Your Blog Traffic in 2023

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How to increase your blog traffic in 2023?

How to grow more traffic on your blog in 2023?

30 Best ways to get more traffic to your blog in 2023?

These are the questions that come into a new blogger’s mind when they complete their blog BUT I think you should consider them before starting your blog. If you will complete your homework before starting your blog it will help a lot to you to get more traffic to your blog in 2023.

“30 Best Ways to EXPLODE your Blog Traffic in 2023” is the answer to all your questions.

Creating a blog is not difficult these days. The important thing is to create content that reader is searching for and they love to read about.

If you will not create engaging content for your readers, your blog will be just like a “TREE WITHOUT FRUIT AND FLOWER”. Do you like this tree? I am sure your answer will be NOT.

So, Here I am with this helpful and informative post “30 Best Ways to EXPLODE your Blog Traffic in 2023”.

Let’s start and find out how we can increase our blog traffic,

What is Traffic?

First, I would like to clarify “What is Traffic”? or “What is Blog Traffic”?

In simple words,

“traffic is the count of the people who visit your blog”. When a visitor visits your blog, the data receiving and sending process happens and it is called blog traffic”.

Blog traffic is divided into two major parts, One is Visitors and second is Page Views. Visitors are the number of people who visit your blog and how many pages they visit is called page views. Let me explain it with an example,

For example, A visitor comes to your blog for reading a blog post and after completing the reading of the post he views 5 different pages. In all this process, you count one unique visitor on your blog and have five page views. I hope it is clear now.

Blog Traffic Types.

  • Organic Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Email Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic
  • Paid Traffic

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2023?

I set these 30 steps to increase your blog traffic in this post “30 Best Ways to EXPLODE your Blog Traffic in 2023”. You must take some steps before starting your blog and the rest, you can take after you will create and live your blog.

Don’t worry, If you have created your blog, This guide will help you a lot even after that. This is the beauty of “30 Best Ways to EXPLODE your Blog Traffic in 2023”, if you will follow it from 60% to 70%, you will be succeeded.

1-Define Your Blog Niche.

The first and very important step is to choose a niche for your blog in this list of “30 Best Ways to EXPLODE your Blog Traffic in 2023”. A niche will set the future of your blog in the blogging world. If you have a wide range of topics you are writing about, your reader will definitely be confused.

But, If you will choose a micro niche and will going to write about “feeding your cat”, Your reader’s range will be very small and they will never ever confused.

If you want to help your readers and get more traffic on your blog, you need to concentrate more. Don’t worry about that the other readers will not find your content. This post is helping many bloggers, they are not related to my niche but it is helpful for them too. Starting with complete concentration will be a useful weapon for you.

How to find and choose a profitable and low-competition niche for your blog? I have written a complete guide on this topic, you can check it out on “100 Profitable Blogging Niches with Low Competition”

Finding a blog niche is always a difficult task for new bloggers like you, I will explain it with an example,

Freelancing is a macro niche, you can’t rank on this niche, so you have to go too deep into this macro niche and find your micro niche. In Freelancing, you can focus on “Freelancing on Fiverr”. This will be your micro niche and you can write about all the topics that cover this “Freelancing on Fiverr” topic, like,

How to start freelancing on Fiverr? Creating a seller account on Fiverr? Payment withdrawal on Fiverr? etc etc.

2-Get a Domain

The domain name should be simple, easy to remember, and attractive to the readers. It will be much better if you can use your niche in your domain name as I did. My niche is “Blogging” and I have chosen the domain name “bloggingustaad”.

If you don’t know how to find the perfect domain for your blog please visit the “FAST DOMAINER” to know the availability of domains and the best suggestions.

3-Use Fast Web Hosting.

This is the most important part of “30 Best Ways to EXPLODE Your Blog Traffic in 2023”. Web Hosting can build or destroy your blog. If you want to increase your blog traffic in 2023, you should choose extra-fast hosting to host your blog. I recommend Shared hosting of “Hostinger” to new bloggers.

If your blog is faster and better, search engines will definitely rank it higher in searches. A higher rank will make more traffic to your blog and that is what you are looking for.

Slow hosting will increase your bounce rate and the visitors are very impatient so they will not wait for your website to load and left the blog. This will badly affect your blog ranking.

So, use the best and fast hosting and prevent this issue before accrued.

4-Use a Simple and Clean Theme.

Make your website design very simple by using a simple and clean theme. Keep in mind better user experience, when you are choosing a theme for your blog.

If the reader will be confused and fails to understand the design of your blog, he will leave the blog quickly. This will create a bad user experience on your blog and it will badly affect your blog ranking in search engines. Bad user experience is the most common problem for people to leave blogs, apps, and websites.

Simple and clean navigation of your blog will help users, to understand the blog easily, you must try that user doesn’t feel any problem when they visit your blog. It is for your own benefit.

I will recommend the following themes,

  • GeneratePress
  • Schema
  • Astra
  • OceanWP

5-Focus on Keyword Research.

Increase Blog Traffic By Keyword Research
Increase Blog Traffic By Keyword Research

The most common mistake is, Many new bloggers do that they don’t do keyword research before writing. As a result of this mistake, they can’t write what people are looking for and don’t get traffic to their blog.

So, write on the right and trending topics that people are searching for. Focus on keyword research before starting to write on any topic. Keyword research will help you to create unique and trending topics that people love to read about and share.

Doing keyword research will not only help you to create the right content it will also help you to get more traffic on your blog. It will lead you to rank higher in search engines and it will be better for any blog. Many keyword research tools are available for you like ubersuggest, Ahrefs, h-supertools, semrush, etc.

6-Write on Trending Topics.

Don’t write on outdated topics that people are not searching for in 2023. Search the trending and popular topics for your blog post and write interesting and informative content on it.

This strategy will make you higher in the search engines and help to grow your blog traffic in no time.

How would you know what is in trend right now? Don’t worry, You can use Google Trend to find trending topics, and also Google Keyword Planner will help you to find the right topic for your blog post.

7-Eye-Catching Titles for Your Post.

The title of your blog post will decide either a reader will click on your post or not. Research proves that most readers click any post after getting interested in its title.

The title of a blog post is what people see first and it is the most important part of your content. Write interesting and eye-catching titles for your blog post if you really want to grow traffic on your blog in 2023.

8-Create Curiosity.

Curiosity is in human blood and he always looking to satisfy his curiosity, So you have to build curiosity in your content and especially in the blog post titles that a visitor will click to read.

Make curiosity in your title that attracts a reader to click on your blog post and read it. if you will succeeded in creating curiosity in your title, definitely you will get more traffic on your blog.

9-Use Simple and Easy Language.

Make your content easy to read and understand for the readers. Keep in mind that readers don’t visit your blog to solve a puzzle. They come to solve their problem by reading your content. Write content to solve their problem in a simple way.

If your content is interesting and easy to understand for readers, they will not only read it but also spend more time on your blog. Use short sentences and paragraphs to make your content straight and to the point.

Try to catch the reader’s attention in a simple way.

10-Post Regularly.

Write and Post Regularly increases Blog Traffic
Write and Post Regularly to Increase Blog Traffic

Post regularly is a good habit for a blogger, You don’t need to post 10 times a week but at least 2 times a week will be enough. Try to give updated and fresh content to your readers and send them email notifications about your updated posts.

Regular posting will give new experiences to your visitors every time when they will visit your blog. They will spend more time checking the latest and new content on the blog and it will increase user engagement on your blog.

11-Talk About Stories.

We all love stories since childhood, So try to use stories in your content to get your readers’ attention. I am not talking about telling complete stories, you can use short stories and case studies about successful people like bloggers and influencers.

This storytelling method is simple but best to get the attention of visitors and increase traffic to your blog. Try to use this technique and see the fantastic results.

12-Update Old Content.

Don’t forget to update your old blog post with new information and statics. It is always an important step to get more traffic to your blog. Provide updated information in your blog post to your readers by updating them from time to time.

Find the posts that have fewer clicks, Google search console will help you do this. locate them and add more value to them, add links, and add more updated data in these posts to get the attention of your readers.

Check your old posts and make them better by adding more value to them.

13-Add Images in Your Posts.

Do you know? Adding images to your blog posts helps to boost your blog traffic by 200%. If you don’t have images in your blog or blog post you look unprofessional and inexperienced to the readers.

Images not only make your post beautiful and attractive and they also look responsive and professional. Adding keywords in images by alt text is also a good technique to get traffic.

Another benefit of adding images is, Google gives value to the posts with images and ranks them higher in search. As a blogger, your focus must be ranked higher in google searches.

You can use royalty-free images from Pexels.com, and Pixabay.com but I will recommend you use Canva Free to create and design ideas for your blog posts. I use it.

14-Add Keyword in Images Alt Text.

Adding images to your post will give you an opportunity to add keywords in their alt text. It is a good technique to get more traffic to your post through these keywords.

15-Interlinkg of Posts.

Interlink your blog posts with each other to engage the reader with your other posts. Engaging your readers with a different blog posts on your blog will give you two benefits,

One, More engagement means readers will spend more time on your blog and it will be better for blog SEO.

Second, Google gives your blog’s ranking by user engagement on your blog. Your ranking will improve as the readers will be spending more time on your blog.

16-Add Videos.

Adding Videos is just like that as an average students need practice with theory to understand. So if you want to create more clarity in your content add videos where needed.

Videos are a more successful and effective form of online content for those who love to watch videos to understand instead of blog reading. You can add videos by embedding their link on your blog post after uploading them on your youtube channel.

17-Install the Best SEO Plugin.

Increase Vlog Traffic with SEO
Increase Blog Traffic with SEO

An SEO plugin will help you to remember all that you need to do while writing a blog post. It is hard to remember all the important things but an SEO plugin makes it easy for you, So install an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO.

This plugin will make your post easy for search engines to rank and drive traffic to your blog. Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin for any WordPress blog. It has both free and paid versions, and as a new blogger free will be enough to optimize your blog.

18-Optimize Your Blog.

Do you know? More than 70% of people visit a blog or website on their mobile. If you don’t know how your blog looks on mobile devices then it’s time to check it and make it better.

Optimize your blog and make it Faster by using some popular plugins like WPRocket. Fast loading on mobile will increase your user experience. WPRocket will help you to Inline critical CSS and JS assets, Minify HTML, and use caching when possible.

Make your blog mobile friendly, Don’t worry it is very easy with many page builder plugins that have these features. Compressing the images on your blog is the best way to make your blog mobile friendly. If you are using WordPress for your blog, Then there are plenty of plugins to compress images like WPCompress.

19-Optimize Your Posts.

As I said earlier, Install Yoast SEO to optimize your blog, This amazing plugin will help you to optimize your posts. It will give you suggestions to improve their readability and SEO.

20-Build an Email List.

Add a sign-up form on your blog to get the email of your visitors. Collect email and build an email list of your visitors to send them notifications about new updates a new posts. It will make a direct traffic source for your blog.

To build an email list and start a campaign, there are many free sources are available for bloggers like Contact Form 7, WPForms, and Ninja Form, and for campaigns, Mailchimp is the best.

21-Add Social Sharing Buttons.

Add social sharing buttons at the top or end of your blog posts, you can add them at both positions. These share buttons will allow your readers to share your post with their friends and on the social network. This sharing method will drive more traffic to your blog and help you to rank higher in search engines because google will get signals of social linking.

22-Promote on Social Media.

Promote on Social Media
Promote on Social Media

Did you think ever that why Coca-Cola and Pepsi spend a lot of money on their promotion even though they are the most well-known brand in the world? Just to make sure that their place remains unreplaced.

So, If you want to promote your blog and grow traffic on your blog promote it on social media as much as you can. Make an account on different popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and TikTok, and share your posts on a regular basis.

23-Get Guest Writers.

Getting guest writers for your blog is the major factor to increase your blog traffic. It will give you two big advantages,

One, It will give you a chance for your readers to read fresh and new content on your blog. This strategy will increase reader engagement on your blog.

Two, Guest writers will come with their own opinion and with new content and they will attract their audiences to read their posts on your blog.

24-Become a Guest Writer.

Find the other popular blog in your niche and ask them to write posts on their blog. In this method, you will interact with a new audience and be able to grow your blog traffic.

Write good quality and unique posts for them and insert the link of your blog posts to grab their audiences to your blog. When their readers read your post and click on the given link, they will be redirected to your blog and generate referral blog traffic to your blog.

This will generate backlinks for your blog and Google loves genuine backlinks.

25-Get Backlinks.

Getting backlinks from a reputable and popular website indicates to google that your blog is reliable. Try to get backlinks from websites related to your niche.

Becoming a guest writer, posting as a guest writer, and promoting on social media is the best way to get valuable backlinks for your blog. Contact other bloggers to include your post as a referral in their posts, if you will succeeded this will be a great backlink source for your blog to explode blog traffic.

A good post can be a source to get traffic for the coming 4 to 5 years of your blog.

26-Offer Incentive to Your Readers.

Offer some incentive to your readers because they come to your blog to find the answer to their questions and are not interested to subscribe. You can offer them free email guides, free ebooks on blogging, and free courses online.


Giveaways to Your Readers
Giveaways to Your Readers

Giveaways are the most effective technique to catch the readers and drive traffic to your blog. We all know that we love freebies so give them free gifts like free ebooks on your niche, free online courses about your niche, free tools, etc.

28-Use Tools.

Use free tools to attract more visitors to convert into your readers. I know you are not technical and it’s all about technology so hire someone to do this on your blog. You can hire them from any freelance marketplace like Upwork and Fiverr.

I a sure, You will have visited many tools websites that are providing free services by their tools and get unlimited traffic on their websites. You can create some tools like Image compression, word to pdf conversion, pdf to word conversion, domain availability, domain suggestion, etc.

Try this technique and see the result, you will be shocked.

29-Offer Free Online Courses.

Free Online Courses are the best way to grow your blog traffic. Everyone looks to get some extra knowledge through free online courses or maybe some are not able to pay the fee of online courses. Online courses are much more expensive to afford for everyone. So try to give knowledge for free by offering free online courses.

I guarantee you that you will offer courses online for free but you will get a better price in return in the shape of blog traffic.

30-Comments Reply.

Get engaged with your readers by replying to their comments and giving them a feeling that you are understanding their needs and will provide the best available solution to them.

This will build confidence and a good relationship between you and your readers.

Conclusion of “30 Best Ways to EXPLODE Your Blog Traffic in 2023”.

This is the end of this amazing and helpful article and I am sure you have found a way to grow your blog traffics with this “30 Best Ways to EXPLODE Your Blog Traffic in 2023”.

Follow these tips and grow your blog traffic in days. If you like this article “30 Best Ways to EXPLODE your Blog Traffic in 2023” please share it with your friends to solve their problem of low traffic.

Good Luck!

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